Nominations for officers 1984–1986


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The following nominees were presented by the Union and section nominating committees and were accepted by the Council:

Members of AGU are invited to submit additional nominees by petition in accordance with the bylaws. Each petition must be signed by at least 1% of the voting members of the Union or section, as the case may be, and such petitions must be received by the General Secretary by September 15, 1983. The number of names required to make a petition nomination is as follows: Union, 151; Geodesy, 6; Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism, 7; Hydrology, 26; Atmospheric Sciences, 11; Ocean Sciences, 21; Planetology, 7; Seismology, 15; Solar-Planetary Relationships, 18; Tectonophysics, 15; and Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology, 16.