Recent Trends in Hydrogeology, 1982



Recent Trends in Hydrogeology consists of a set of papers presented during a birthday party on February 9, 1979. The birthday party, or, more properly, the symposium, was convened to honor a distinguished hydrogeologist, Paul A. Witherspoon, on his 60th birthday. Many of the papers were written by Witherspoon's former students as well as by his current colleagues at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley.

A preface by the editor (T. N. Narasimhan) provides an introduction to the volume and short commentaries on each of the 23 papers as well as ideas on probable future directions in hydrogeology. According to the preface, the purpose of the symposium was “to attempt a reasonable coverage of the important facets of hydrogeology” and “to provide a global picture of hydrogeology” where hydrogeology is defined as “the discipline concerned with those geologic processes that are influenced by water,” presumably meaning subsurface water. Hence, the material covered in this volume is broad, ranging from topics traditionally associated with hydrogeology, such as well hydraulics and regional flow system analysis, to more exotic subjects, such as geothermal resources and induced seismicity. As a result, only those with the most catholic interests will read all 23 papers.