Solar-planetary relationships: Cosmic rays 1979–1982



The reviews of cosmic ray studies (1979–1982) cover a broad area reflecting the present scope of this discipline. Cosmic ray physics transcended the narrow restricted specialties of composition, flux, and modulation long ago. In fact, the cosmic ray energy regime appears to be anything above “thermal” (a remark attributed to Professor Bruno Rossi). At the present time, the relationship of cosmic ray studies to solar-terrestrial physics encompasses an extremely wide range of interrelated and associated astrophysical phenomena from the sun to the interplanetary medium and throughout the domain of the heliosphere. Because solar-terrestrial and astrophysical processes impress their signature on the cosmic ray flux, it is quite natural to look for these effects in the cosmic radiation data. For this reason, the reviews associated with cosmic rays cover solar activity, shocks and associated structure in the interplanetary medium, composition and modulation, and long-term effects.