Atmospheric Turbulence and Air Pollution Modelling



Atmospheric Turbulence and Air Pollution Modelling originates from a September 1981 short course at The Hague presented by seven outstanding specialists. The material has been combined and integrated by the editors.

The first two chapters cover the basic concepts, fundamental equations, and similarity relations applied in the planetary boundary layer. They provide a very important background for succeeding chapters. The first-order and the second-order closure schemes are discussed in chapter 3. Observational phenomena of free convection have been extensively covered in chapter 4. The subsequent three chapters treat the diffusion problems in both unstable and stable conditions. Various models, which include the Lagrangian model of diffusion, similarity model of diffusion, statistical model of diffusion, Gaussian plume model, and K-diffusion model are presented; the comparison of the results of some models with observations are also included. The last chapter is a report of panel discussion in which some useful remarks can be found.