New consortium on atmosphere



In July 1983 a group of universities and university-allied institutions established a new, not-for-profit consortium on atmospheric resources development.

The initial thrust of the Consortium will be to accomplish in-depth assessments of the scientific status and research needs in three key areas of atmospheric modification. These have been established as research relating to orographic precipitation enhancement with a major focus on application, delivery, and transport of seeding materials; basic research and hypothesis development relating to convective precipitation; and basic, applied, and societal research relating to radiation management. Scientific/technical committees composed of national experts including members of the Consortium and scientists from other institutions are being established. It is envisioned that available funding will be used to bring these three scientific committees together to perform major assessments of the scientific problems and the research needs, as a prelude to development of future research plans to address various scientific questions identified in these three areas of research. The Consortium is seen as a means for establishing the scientific basis for a more focused and better organized research.