Landsat D' primed


  • Anonymous


Problems with Landsat 4, the United States' current operational land remote-sensing satellite, have prompted the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to move up the launch date of the second spacecraft in the advanced land remote-sensing satellite series, Landsat D′, to early 1984, instead of July 1985 as originally scheduled. Four land remote-sensing satellites were proposed for the original series: Landsat D (known as Landsat 4 now that it is in orbit) is the first, Landsat D′ is the second; two more were to follow. However, with the Reagan Administration's eye on commercializing the land and weather remote sensing satellites (Eos, May 17, 1983, p. 377, and March 22, 1983, p. 113), the budgets for the last two Landsat satellites were never approved.