Planetary instruments


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November 30 is the deadline for submitting proposals for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA) planetary instrument definition and development program (PIDDP). Proposals arriving after the deadline will be reviewed next year. Formerly called the planetary instrument definition program, PIDDP aims “to define and develop new instruments and instrument components or improved versions of existing instruments so that they may be proposed in response to future announcements of flight opportunities as candidate experiments that would not need further development if selected.”

NASA encourages new proposals that focus on support for studies aligned with future mission plans of the Solar System Exploration Division (Eos, May 24, 1983, p. 386, and February 15, 1983, p. 65). Among the missions recommended by the Solar System Exploration Committee (SSEC) are the Venus Radar Mapper, the Mars Geoscience/Climatology Orbiter, the Comet Rendezvous/Asteroid Flyby, and Titan Probe/Radar Mapper. Subsequent missions recommended include the Mars Aeronomy Orbiter, the Venus Atmospheric Probe, the Mars Surface Probe, and the Lunar Geoscience Orbiter.