NGS publications program



The U.S. Government Printing Office has designated the National Geodetic Information Center (NGIC) of the National Geodetic Survey (NGS), National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), as the exclusive sales agent for NOAA geodetic publications. For years NGIC, the nation's geodetic depository, has been providing data to the public on a processing-cost recovery basis. Now, in addition to data, users can also purchase NGS publications, software, and related products at reasonable prices from the NGIC, located in Rockville, Md.

NGS, a component of Charting and Geodetic Services of NOAA's National Ocean Service, is the U.S. Government agency charged with establishing and maintaining the National Geodetic Reference System; improving geodetic surveying methods; establishing federal government specifications for survey operations by federal, state, and other organizations; performing geodetic research in support of its mission, and disseminating geodetic data through a central data base. The information, results, and data derived or acquired by NGS are archived and reported to the scientific community through NOAA geodetic publications.