History at 1983 IUGG Meeting



Perhaps because the 1983 IUGG meeting at Hamburg commemorated the 100th anniversary of the First International Polar Year, the 50th anniversary of the Second International Polar Year, and the 25th anniversary of the International Geophysical Year, it was a particularly appropriate forum for the study of the history of space science. By any measure, however, the 18th IUGG Assembly marks a watershed in the study of history and its application to space physics and geophysics.

Besides two highly successful sessions on historical events and on the use of historical records in research sponsored by the IAGA Interdivisional Commission on History, several of the IUGG Union lectures and interunion sessions specifically addressed historical concerns. In particular, M. Nicolet's address (“Reflexions sur l'Année Géophysiaue Internationale”) and the opening remarks, which reminded the participants of the 1912 meeting in Hamburg of the Association Géodesique Internationale, revolved about historical events.