Krakatau 1883: The Volcanic Eruption and Its Effects



During the last couple of years, scientific and general interest in volcanos has surged as a result of the lively performance of Mt. St. Helens, and that's why Krakatau 1883 promises to become a good seller. What does it offer? The writers begin the volume with a detailed chronology of the eruptions, eyewitness accounts, and media coverage that cover local and regional effects, the tsunamis and their catastrophic results, and the sonic effects. Next is a section with translated parts of Verbeek's monumental monograph on the 1883 eruptions, followed by reprints of other scientific papers, and summaries of recent work on the event. For those deficient in French or Dutch, the translation of Verbeek's work will be especially welcome, because this civic engineer described and interpreted a colossal amount of data.