The Ocean Floor



Over a relatively short period of time Bruce Heezen made significant, imaginative and timely contributions to our understanding of the processes that govern the origin and evolution of oceanic crust in space and time. It is certainly fitting that someone of Heezen's stature be honored by a memorial volume and the collection of papers in The Ocean Floor were gathered together for this purpose. Bruce was a gifted scientist with a wide-ranging appetite for all facets of earth science, and in this respect he would have appreciated the pot pourri of marine geological topics covered in the book (e.g., continental margin investigations, sedimentological processes, plate tectonic models). Unfortunately, the book does not have an overall impact that measures up to the man that it commemorates. Too many of the papers read as if the authors, after having agreed to contribute to the volume, reached deep into their files to dredge up a neglected manuscript on one subject or another. As a consequence, many of the papers lack zest and fail to stimulate interest beyond their narrowly focused themes.