Les Granites des Complexes Annulaires



This book, Manual and Methods 4, published by France's BRGM, together with a mouthwatering preface by R. Black promises much for the student of ring complexes. It consists of four distinct chapters, each divided into a number of subsections, with 52 text figures and 9 tables. Although in reality it is based on a doctoral dissertation concerned with the newly discovered ring structures in Corsica, it is spiced with references to past and present research in Nigeria, and observations from French expeditions to the Kerguelen Islands. There are also brief commentaries on the author's observations in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. The text effectively represents a distillation of knowledge concerned with oversaturated alkaline magmatism in continental and oceanic settings. The book has a good bibliography with English-language scientific literature references up to 1980. While aware that ring-complex compositions can be variable, ranging from calc-alkaline to alkaline, the author restricts his writings to granitic and related rocks of the alkaline and peralkaline spectrum.