Atmosphere, Weather, and Climate



The fourth edition of this book, first published in 1968, is to be welcomed. It is widely used in geography courses in schools and universities and has had considerable success in introducing, with the minimum of mathematics, synoptic and dynamic meterology and climatology into such courses. Its chapters cover atmospheric composition and energy, atmospheric moisture, atmospheric motion, air masses, fronts and depressions, weather and climate in temperate latitudes, tropical weather and climate, small scale climates and climatic variability, trends and fluctuations.

The main changes in the fourth edition have been in the last two chapters, which have been substantially rewritten. The chapter on small-scale climates goes into considerable detail concerning the energy balance over different surfaces and also discusses the influence of pollution and urban conditions on the local climate. The first chapter on climate variability and change first presents evidence for climate change in the past and then briefly mentions, with virtually no discussion, a few possible causes of climate change. The possible influence of the ocean, for instance, is given only four sentences!