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The world is clearly a very troubled place. Many problems contributing to this trouble, such as climatic changes, effects of global war, geophysical disasters, etc., are the concern and come under the purview of members of AGU. Within this context, it was clear at the last AGU Fall Meeting that the matter uppermost in most members minds was the large number of parallel sessions.

In light of the overwhelming importance ascribed to this issue, I have devoted considerable thought as to how to solve this overcrowding. Putting aside for the moment the issue of whether or not the recent Cathedral Hill Hotel fire was a sign from on high in this matter, I wish to pursue what we, as a Union, can do to solve the problem. Remarkably enough, the Meetings Committee had already apparently perceived the nature of the solution (although dimly) and had stumbled upon a form of my result in a different context. It is perhaps worthwhile for me to review this previous situation prior to presenting my ideas for the West Coast meeting.