James J. O'Brien: New JGR editor



A quality journal results from good scientific work written up well by contributors and from good reviewers sifting out the best papers, according to James J. O'Brien, one of the new editors for the Journal of Geophysical Research. O'Brien, professor of meteorology and oceanography at Florida State University, began his 4-year term on January 1 as editor of the journal section emphasizing oceanography and boundary layer meteorology. O'Brien, who succeeds A.D. Kirwan, Jr., has been receiving manuscripts since October.

One change that the new editor has instituted is that an author can submit a paper directly to one of the associate editors instead of sending it to O'Brien. If the associate editor is willing to act as the editor for a particular manuscript, then O'Brien will accept that. In addition to saving time, this change will enable the associate editors to apply their expertise in various fields in establishing appropriate criteria for quality in different disciplines.