Multivariate modeling



The special session entitled Multivariate Modeling of Hydrologic and Other Geophysical Time Series was held during the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco on Thursday, December 8, 1983, and was sponsored by the Surface Runoff Committee of the Hydrology Section of AGU. The session brought together about 100 participants from different disciplines, including hydrologists, oceanographers, meteorologists, and statisticians, to discuss the state of the art and new developments of stochastic description and modeling of multiple time series of hydrologic and geophysical phenomena.

The papers and discussion generated during the session covered a wide variety of hydrologic variables such as streamflow, precipitation, specific conductance, groundwater and water use, meteorologic variables such as air temperature, wind and pressure, and oceanographic variables such as ocean temperature and velocity. Among the topics discussed were: modeling that is oriented to data generation of multivariate processes, basic data analysis and description of statistical characteristics in time and space; modeling specifically oriented to forecasting the processes involved; transfer of hydrologic a nd geophysical information; and detection of changes in hydrologic information.