Are you investing in AGU's future?


  • Charles A. Whitten


A tabulation of the various levels of contribution to the AGU-GIFT program indicates the number of members who have been “investing in the future of AGU.” More than 6,000 members have contributed to this appeal. Can you find your place in the matrix? The members of the Steering Committee for this program are very appreciative of your response and support. We thank each and all of you.

The major support has come from the Individual Supporting Members and the Life Supporting Members. The lists of these donors have been increasing each year, almost doubling in number this year. More than 6,000 have now accepted the “voluntary contribution of J10” as shown on the annual dues invoices, and we are encouraged that so many have done this for 3 successive years. Those who made this contribution for the first time this year should plan ahead. The appeal will continue until 1986.