Automated information for Earth science


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Detailed descriptions of nearly 300 digital data bases and the systems operating them are featured in a revised edition of a comprehensive report on the automated earth science information systems and data bases of the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the Bureau of Land Management, and the Minerals Management Service.

Among the earth science data bases available are lunar geochemical data from the Apollo missions; data on newly identified coal resources in the United States; seismic data on earthquake magnitudes from 2,700 stations worldwide; data on more than 2 million place names nationwide; data from more than 200,000 aerial photographs used in USGS mapping efforts; the locations and ages of aquifer systems throughout the country; and water use data for the nation. The publication also provides indexes of titles, acronyms, and contact persons. A keyword list contains 2,000 subject words with references to specific data bases and systems.