[Comment on “Opportunities for research in the geological sciences”] NRC report omissions



It was with some disappointment that I read Bill Dickinson's reply to Ken Macdonald ‘Eos, February 21, 1984’ concerning the National Research Council (NRC) report entitled "Opportunities for Research in the Geological Sciences.”

I agree with Macdonald that a number of exciting areas of research in the geological sciences were omitted from the report. The most obvious omission was a discussion of recent developments in marine geology and geophysics. I think it is fair to conclude that most of our understanding of the tectonics of the earth during the past 20 years has come from marine geology and geophysics. The new generation of research vessels with high-resolution sensors, manned submersibles, deep tow systems, and ocean drilling vessels promise to keep marine geoscientists at the forefront of earth science research in the future.