Frontiers of Hydraulic Engineering



It is an impossible task for one person to review the proceedings of a major conference that consists of 141 different papers (including 26 one-page summaries of poster sessions). The papers are arranged into 35 technical sessions including Cohesive and Non-Cohesive Sediment Dynamics, Cold Regions Hydraulics, Computational Hydraulics, Groundwater Quality Modeling, Mixing Processes in Stratified Environments, Probablistic Approach to Hydraulics, and Surface Water Hydrology. The subject matter of many of the papers was familiar to the writer, specifically those concerned with groundwater and the hydrology, and hydraulics, of surface water. In addition, such topics as coastal dynamics, mixing processes in stratified environments, cohesive sediment dynamics (?), sediment resuspension and transport, and the hydraulic effects of ice cover are all to found in this volume. The writer refrains from comment on these papers except to say that although some of the papers were comprehensible, his experience is not basis enough for evaluation.