1984 James B. Macelwane Awards


  • Michael C. Kelley,

  • Forrest S. Mozer,

  • George K. Parks,

  • Mary K. Hudson,

  • Lane Johnson,

  • Raymond Jeanloz,

  • J. Freeman Gilbert,

  • John H. Woodhouse


Mary Hudson is being honored as one of the 1984 James B. Macelwane award winners because her theoretical research on the microphysics of magnetospheric plasmas has been at the forefront of the field, has inspired many experimental and theoretical studies, and has stimulated her colleagues and students.

From her earliest work as a graduate student, Mary has displayed a pronounced talent for recognizing a challenging problem, understanding the experimental data, formulating a theoretical approach, theoretically interpreting the data, and working with experimentalists on the consequences of her theory. Her Ph.D. research, on the equatorial Rayleigh-Taylor instability, called Equatorial Spread F, was undertaken on her own initiative and produced a sophisticated collisional, linear instability analysis which showed that drift waves play an important role in this phenomenon. Her collaborations with experimentalists verified this result and led to an analytic nonlinear solution for the evolution of two-dimensional plasma bubbles that are now known to occur in Equatorial Spread F.