Antarctic research season


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As the 1984–1985 Antarctic research season gets underway, more than 300 geologists, astronomers, oceanographers, biologists, atmospheric scientists; and other researchers are preparing to travel to the south pole to study everything from solar “seismology” to the fossils of long-buried mammals. Approximately 96 science projects are scheduled for this, the 30th consecutive year of U.S. scientific activity at the south pole.

Atmospheric scientists will benefit from a new research facility at Arrival Heights, approximately 2 miles north of McMurdo Station, which replaces older, smaller facilities with a one-story building that will house at least six experiments after it is completed in January. Arrival Heights was chosen as the building site because it is an area of low electromagnetic noise, making it ideally suited to studies of the earth's magnetosphere. Instruments at the new facility will study naturally generated radio wave emissions, auroras, and ultra-low frequency wave activity.