From the incoming President of the Hydrology Section


  • R. Allan Freeze


On July 1 I began my duties as president of the Hydrology Section of AGU. I took over a healthy Section, recognized as the leading scientific society in the field of hydrology. I also am taking over a Section whose position within AGU is strong and influential. These two facts are a tribute to my predecessors, Peter Eagleson and J im Wallis. They have shepherded the Hydrology Section through an important period of technical and political growth, I will try to maintain the pace.

During my tenure as president I intend to use our new WaterWatch column as a means of communication with the membership. I hope to keep you informed on the technical and administrative issues that arise and also to use this forum to solicit your views on directions that you would like to see us take. As a first attempt at this type of interaction, I have prepared a questionaire, which appears below. If you have suggestions for technical sessions or Chapman Conferences, if you have views on the various AGU publication programs, or if you can suggest candidates for AGU awards, I urge you to fill out the questionaire and return it to me.