1984 Horton Research Grant Award


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The recipient of the 1984 Horton Research Grant Award is Javier F. Samper. Samper is a graduate student in the Department of Hydrology and Water Resources at the University of Arizona-Tucson. The title of his research project is “A Methodology for the Combined Analysis of Hydrological, Hydrochemical, and Isotopic Data From Aquifers.” His research advisor is Shlomo Neuman.

The objectives of his research are (1) to develop theoretical and computational tools for the spatial and statistical characterization of hydrochemical and isotopic data from aquifers and (2) to develop statistically based mathematical models incorporating hydrologic, chemical, and isotopic data to yield improved estimates of hydraulic and transport parameters as well as groundwater ages. Samper hopes to develop a workable mathematical framework which will allow a coordinated study of many types of hydrogeologic data, including hydraulic, chemical, and isotopic data. Such a systematically and mathematically based method of combined analysis for hydraulic, chemical, and isotopic environmental data is needed to develop a better conceptual understanding of the hydrogeology of any given area and to construct more reliable mathematical models for managing groundwater supply and quality.