The special session on “Sediment Storage in Rivers and Estuaries,” which was held at the AGU Spring Meeting, included 14 papers, most of which discussed an aspect of sediment storage in rivers. Two papers, one by Brush and another by Smith, Shoemaker, and Miller covered topics in estuarine sedimentation. In general, the papers in the session could be divided into two main categories: Papers that discussed long-term sedimentation rates and methods of dating sediments, and papers that discussed locations and mechanisms of sediment deposition. Obviously, the time scale determines not only the methods of analysis, but also the scientific questions that are asked. This was demonstrated by the two summary papers. Meade discussed short-term sedimentation rates and the role that channel morphology and slope play in determining sites of sediment deposition. Trimble presented long-term models of sediment storage and erosion for different climatic zones.