Tropospheric chemistry research



To answer basic science questions about man's influence on the Earth's troposphere and how to protect it, a National Research Council (NRC) panel has proposed a longterm international research program to study global tropospheric chemistry. The panel estimates that initial funding of $10–$20 million per year will be required, increasing yearly for the program's minimum 10-year life.

According to the panel, this proposed effort would be different from existing atmospheric chemistry programs, such as those concerning acid precipitation, for two reasons: First, the proposal calls for a long-term effort, not a short-term reaction to political pressures or, as noted by one member of the panel, “crisis response.” Second, the panel emphasized the global framework and international cooperation requested in the proposal. According to panel members, many existing studies are urban or regional in nature and do not have the scope required to gain an overall understanding of the complex troposphere. Existing programs are seen as a foundation for what is envisioned as an allencompassing program.