TOGA Conference



A Conference on the Tropical Oceans and Global Atmosphere (TOGA) Scientific Program was held in Paris during September 17–21, 1984. The purposes of the conference were to assess present knowledge about ocean-atmosphere interactions in the tropics, particularly exemplified by the 1982–1983 El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) event, to present and discuss a draft scientific plan for the TOGA program, and to inform scientists and science managers about TOGA opportunities.

The TOGA program is a specific project within the World Climate Research Program, and its principal aim is the study of the coupled system constituted by the tropical oceans and the global atmosphere. The motivation for TOGA arises from the evident connection between global-scale variability of atmospheric circulation and sea surface temperature anomalies and from the growing evidence that this connection can be simulated and ultimately predicted on time scales of months to years.