September streamflow


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Streamflow decreased seasonally in September but remained in the normal or above-normal range in about 80% of the country, according to the regular end-of-month check of the nation's surface and groundwater resources by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Department of the Interior. From 174 key index stream-gaging stations, USGS hydrologists reported average flows at 110 sites (63%), well-above average flows (i.e., in the upper 25% of long-term record) at 34 locations (20%), and well-below average flows (in the lowest 25% of record) at 30 stations (17%).

By geographic location, streamflows were well above average in most western states, including all key stations in Utah (6) and Colorado (4), and in parts of the central and southeastern United States. Streamflows were well below average at all key stations in Hawaii (4), Connecticut (4), Maine (3), and New Hampshire (1) and in parts of Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Montana, Oklahoma, Texas, and the east-central United States.