AGU Hydrology Awards: Horton, Horton, and Horton


  • R. Allan Freeze


There are three individual awards available to hydrologic researchers through the AGU. All three bear the name of Robert E. Horton, and because of this there appears to be considerable confusion among the membership as to the purpose of the awards, eligibility for them, and the method of their adjudication.

The Horton Medal is a Union award. It is given in alternate years to a senior scientist for outstanding research contributions in hydrology made over a period of many years. The selection committee is a subcommittee of the AGU Committee of Fellows. The chairman and the members of the subcommittee are appointed by the President of AGU. The executive committee of the Hydrology Section is usually asked for recommendations for the membership of the Horton Medal subcommittee; in recent years the chairman and all members have come from this section. 1985 is an off year for the Horton Medal, and it will next be awarded at the AGU Spring Meeting in 1986. Nominations are solicited through notices in Eos that appear well before the deadline date.