The Earth's Magnetic Field: Its History, Origin and Planetary Perspective



Merrill and McElhinny's work is an overdue blessing to the geomagnetic research community. The mathematical training of Merrill and the classical physics outlook of McElhinny have combined to produce a sensible world view of geomagnetism that encompasses the space, the earth's crust, and of course, the earth's core. In addition, I would like to disclose immediately one of my special delights about the work: the attempt at integration of information from historical and paleomagnetic sources and approaches in dynamo theory in discussing the origin of the geomagnetic field. It is as if after years of complaints from paleomagnetists that the dynamo theorists “do not care” about a cooperative approach, “Muhammad” himself has “gone to the mountain” and tried to indicate, if not deliver, the very great rewards for such an integrative approach.