History of Hydrology


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The AGU History and Heritage of Hydrology Committee is organizing the second symposium on the historical aspects of surface and groundwater hydrology at the AGU Spring Meeting in Baltimore, Md., May 27–31, 1985. As in the first symposium, no specific topics are prescribed. General areas of interest might include the life and contributions of individual scientists, the evolution of concepts, the growth of hydrology as a scientific discipline, the development of theoretical and experimental techniques and methodologies, and possibly the historical interrelationships between hydrology and water resources. Persons interested in presenting a paper should plan to submit an abstract in standard AGU format to the symposium coordinator by February 18, 1985, and to the AGU Spring Meeting by early March. Further information can be obtained from the symposium coordinator, Simon Ince, Department of Hydrology and Water Resources, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721 (telephone: 602-621- 5082).