American Strategic Minerals



American Strategic Minerals is a collection of six papers that were presented in December 1982 at a conference organized by the Center for the Study of Marine Policy at the University of Delaware. According to editor Gerard J. Mangone, director of the center, the papers were commissioned “to investigate not only the objective resource situation, but also past United States policy on strategic minerals and future options open to Washington.” The authors and their chapter titles are John C. Kraft, University of Delaware: “Strategic minerals and world stability”; V. Anthony Cammarota, Jr., U.S. Bureau of Mines: “America's dependence on strategic minerals”; John D. Morgan, U.S. Bureau of Mines: “Future demands of the United States for strategic minerals”; J. Robert Moore, University of Texas: “Alternative sources of strategic minerals from the seabed”; Allan I. Mendelowitz and John E. Watson, U.S. General Accounting Office: “U.S. mining investments in developing countries”; and James W. Curlin, Nautilus Press: “The political dimensions of strategic minerals.”