[Comment on “Implementing the peer review process for AGU publications”] JGR peer review suggestion



I read with considerable interest the letters of P.J. Baum and A.J. Dessler (Eos, October 23, 1984, p. 770) concerning the peer review process in AGU publications. The first point that aroused my attention was the discussion of “distinguished” senior authors. Distinguished in this context presumably has a definition such as “a person who used a napkin, at least once, in the presence of the editor” or a similarly objective basis. Baum noted that only one paper by a distinguished author was rejected during Dessler's editorship. I assume that any editor could make the same claim by simply redefining who is, or is not, distinguished. As a matter of fact, it seems as good a definition as any to label an author as undistinguished if he has had a paper rejected by the Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR).