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WOCE Working Group on Numerical Modeling



A U.S. WOCE (World Ocean Circulation Experiment) Working Group on Numerical Modeling has been established to serve as a forum for the discussion of progress in numerical general circulation modeling and its relationship to WOCE design and data analysis and as an advisory body on resource and manpower requirements for large-scale ocean modeling. The first meeting of this working group was held at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., on Monday, December 10, 1984. The working group members who attended were K. Bryan, Y.-J. Han, D. Haidvogel (chairman), W. Holland, H. Hurlburt, J. O'Brien, A. Robinson, B. Semtner, and J. Sarmiento. Observers included F. Bretherton, A. Colin de Verdiere, C. Collins, L. Hua, P. Rizzoli, T. Spence, R. Wall, and S. Wilson.