Hail and farewell



I've long noted that there is a hierarchy of organization in the earth sciences. By far the best organized are the marine seismologists and marine scientists in general. No doubt the regimentation attendant on finances, deadlines, and scheduling needed for ship's cruises has much to do with this. Perhaps it should come as no surprise, then, that The Oceanography Report appears monthly in Eos. I had the privilege of starting the quarterly VGP News. The first VGP News appeared in Volume 64, number 28 of Eos, dated July 12, 1983, so this VGP News marks the second anniversary of its appearance. As one looks over The VGP News and the other materials I have handled for Eos over the last three years, the most active group in the VGP Section is the V or the volcanologists. More participation by the less organized parts of the VGP Section—the G (geochemists) and the P (petrologists)—is highly desired. These people are urged to bombard my successor— John Eichelberger—with articles, news, and comments so that The VGP News is more representative of the entire section. VGP News forms a unique opportunity in that it appears four times a year. The Geochemical News, for example, of the Geochemical Society, appears only twice a year and with much less content per issue. There are about 11 double-spaced typed pages to the printed page of Eos, which provides for much dissemination of information.