Consensus and Confrontation



On January 9, 1984, 28 experts on the Law of the Sea met at the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii for a week of intense discussions of the consequences of the refusal of the United States to sign the 1982 Law of the Sea Convention. The participants were from 12 Asian, Pacific, and North American countries. Proponents of the convention were led by Ambassador Tommy Koh of Singapore (last president of the Law of the Sea Conference), Ambassador Hasjim Djalal of Indonesia, and Satya Nandan, former Ambassador of Fiji and now the special representative of the United Nations Secretary General for the Law of the Sea. Proponents of the U.S. position were Brian Hoyle, director of the Office of Ocean Law of the Department of State and David Colson of the Office of Legal Advisor of the Department of State. Many of the other participants presented papers, and all participated in the discussions, which are fully recorded in these proceedings of the workshop.