Second Workshop on the European Geotraverse



The Second Workshop on the European Geotraverse (EGT) Project (Eos, July 19, 1983, p. 458; March 5, 1985, p. 112) was held February 7–9, 1985, at the Venetian Institute of Science, Letters, and Arts, Venice, Italy, and was organized by C. Morelli (Institute of Mining and Applied Geophysics, University of Trieste, Italy) with support from both the Secretariat of the European Science Foundation (ESF) in Strasbourg, France, and the Scientific Coordinating Committee (SCC) for the EGT Project. The workshop focused on the Southern Segment of the EGT (EGT-S), which encompasses the Central, Southern, and Western Alps, the Po Basin, the Northern Apennines, the Ligurian and Tyrrhenian Seas, Corsica and Sardinia, the Sardinian and Sicilian Channels, and the complex geological structures of Tunisia. About 100 earth scientists, from Austria (1 representative), Belgium (1), Denmark (2), the Federal Republic of Germany (7), France (10), Italy (52), The Netherlands (3), Spain (1), Switzerland (9), Tunisia (6), and the United Kingdom (4), assembled to present and discuss new geological and geophysical data in order to obtain a better understanding of the structure, dynamics, and evolution of the lithosphere in this part of the world and to identify areas where and problems on which further work is needed. A particularly important aspect of the workshop was the presentation of data and results from the EGT-S 1983 field program, which was primarily a large-scale land and sea seismic refraction survey that extended from the Southern Alps to southern Sardinia. Another important aspect was preparation for the EGT-S 1985 field program, which will be a southward extension of the 1983 program to southern Tunisia. The workshop was divided into seven sessions, during which 42 scientific papers were given dealing with various aspects of the regional geophysics, geology, and tectonics.