The Gulf of Aqaba: Ecological Micropaleontology



Micropaleontological studies in the main are concerned with only one fossil group, and more often than not, micropaleontologists are specialists in the extreme. Only rarely does a group of micropaleontologists get together to bring their combined efforts to bear on a particularly interesting or intractable problem. In this volume the authors have summarized and integrated in one place the very considerable work done, more or less independently, by some 60 scientists from 10 institutions over a period of 12 years on various aspects of ecology, microbiology, and micropaleontology of the Gulf of Aqaba and the northern Red Sea. The book is well organized and profusely (and aptly) illustrated. The short introductory chapter (A) gives the background for the 12-year effort, a list of participants and their institutional affiliations, and a note on organization entitled “Purpose of the Book.” A second short chapter (B) entitled “Synopsis” might also have been called an extended abstract.