Migmatites, Melting, and Metamorphism



This is a praiseworthy collection of papers that illustrates the great range of interests necessary to understand migmatite genesis. The strength of the collection lies in its broad approach to the study of migmatites and its emphasis on the link between “igneous” and “metamorphic” processes. From the point of view of an igneous petrologist it is important to have a firm understanding of the melting process before considering the tectonic significance of voluminous felsic magmas as expressions of their sources at depth (see the work W. S. Pitcher in this volume for reviews on the diversity of granitic rock types), magma chamber stratigraphy, or volatile evolution. Many of the papers written by metamorphic petrologists in this volume give significant clues to such an understanding by providing fundamental constraints of pressure-temperature regimes, fluid evolution, elemental buffering, and thermal evolution of continental crust that is undergoing melting.