Environmental impact of volcanism


  • Haraldur Sigurdsson


The Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island (URI), is planning a 2-day symposium on the Environmental Impact of Volcanism, on March 13–14, 1986. This is one of a series of symposia held at URI in the memory of Norman D. Watkins, who made contributions in a wide range of geophysical research problems, including volcanology. Twenty speakers have been invited to participate in the meeting and to address the geochemistry and the environmental effects of volcanic volatiles in the broadest sense, covering such diverse but related topics as degassing of the earth and origin of the atmosphere, geochemical cycles of volcanic volatile elements in oceans and atmosphere, possible correlations between global episodicity in volcanism, and climate change. The goal is to assemble a multidisciplinary group of scientists at this meeting to give petrologists a nd volcanologists a chance to talk to atmospheric chemists and to give climatologists a chance to exchange views on the impact of volcanism with paleoceanographers and geophysicists, and so on.