USGS water summary


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The U.S. Geo1ogical:Survey has recently published a valuable source document for all interested in water resources topics. The “National Water Summary” is divided into three parts. The first, Selected Hydrologic Events for Water Year 1984, provides a synopsis of hydrologic conditions and water-related events that occurred between August 1983 and September 1984. Streamflow variations are compared to precipitation, temperature, and upper-air atniospheric pressure for the four seasonal quarters of the year, so that the relation of surface water flows to climatic conditions can clearly be seen. The second section, Hydrologic Perspectives on Water Issues, presents an analysis of the occurrence of nitrate in groundwater, an explanation of groundwater level declines in selected areas of the country that represent different hydrogeologic environments, and discussions of the distribution and trends of phosphorous, dissolved solids, suspended sediment, and inorganic nitrogen in major rivers. The final part, State Summaries of Groundwater Resources, summarizes the distribution, characteristics, and uses of principal aquifers for each state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands, Saipan, Guam, and American Samoa. Each summary contains multicolor maps that show the locations of the aquifers and major areas of groundwater withdrawal, hydrographs that show trends in water levels, arrd tables that describe the characteristics of the aquifers and present data on groundwater withdrawals. The state agencies, laws, and iegulatioris that are involved in groundwater management are also described.