NSF budget for fiscal 1986



Congress recently passed its first authorization bill for the National Science Foundation (NSF) since fiscal year (FY) 1981. As part of specifying how NSF should spend its money, the bill (H.R. 1210) directs NSF to conduct biannual assessments of universities' needs for research facilities, as called for in the proposed University Research Facilities Revitalization Act (H.R. 2823) (Eos, September 17, 1985, p. 660).

The NSF appropriation was of another bill (H.R. 3038) that provided more than $50 billion for the Department of Housing and Urban Development and for 17 independent agencies. The appropriation bill calls for NSF to receive $45.6 million less for research and related activities than the budget request, $5 million less than the request for the U.S. Antarctic Program, but $5 million more than the request for science and engineering education (see Table 1).