Cynthia Bravo: 25 years at AGU


  • Anonymous


Cynthia L. Bravo, director of the Meetings and Member Programs Division at AGU headquarters, last week celebrated her 25th anniversary as a member of the AGU staff. The only other person to have achieved this distinction is Waldo E. Smith, AGU Executive Director Emeritus.

When Cynthia reported for work on November 21, 1960, she became the 13th member of the Union's headquarters staff. Although her official title was clerk-typist, she was immediately dispatched to the mail room to send ballots to the 6267 AGU members (Thomas F. Malone was running unopposed for President and George P. Woollard and Charles A. Whitten were running for Vice President). Two weeks later, she was promoted to subscription supervisor. Although ensuing promotions did not follow as quickly, in her 25 years at AGU, Cynthia has worked in a variety of positions: as head of staff services, administrative assistant to the office manager, administrative assistant to the executive director, meetings manager, and member programs manager. On January 1, 1980, she became director of what is now called the Meetings and Member Programs Division, which serves the more than 18,000 current members and encompasses all programs except publications.