Ocean Telemetry Workshop


  • David A. Brooks


An informal workshop on ocean telemetry and platform location was held on January 15, 1986, during the AGU Ocean Sciences Meeting in New Orleans, La. Plans for the workshop grew from the realization that present methods of data transmission and platform location may be inadequate for projected needs. The objectives of the workshop were to

  • identify present and promising methods of ocean telemetry and platform location,
  • estimate needs for these capabilities during the next decade, and
  • identify a few promising methods for focused development.

As a starting point, it was recognized that large ocean experiments with decadal time scales and global space scales have much to gain from telemetry. The principal scientific advantages are quasi-real-time data recovery, insurance against premature failures, adaptive control of instrument functions, expendability of instruments, and the potential for rapid data assimilation by models and distribution of data to users. Only in limited cases have these advantages been exploited even partially.