An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration



An introduction to geophysical exploration is very difficult to write for several reasons. Geophysical exploration is the application of the principles of physics to the location of useful materials in the earth, and thus it must address most of the topics in fundamental physics as well as many of the topics in geology. Moreover, in recent years there has been a rapid increase in the use of the new numerical techniques of applied mathematics. A comprehensive coverage of the principles of geology, mathematics, and physics would be very difficult to assemble at the introductory level.

An Introduction to Geophysical Exploration, written by P. Kearny and N. Brooks, attempts to accomplish the task in a total of 282 pages, organized in 10 chapters. The first (quite short) chapter is a definition of the philosophy of geophysical exploration. Because of its brevity and its inclusion ahead of the substantive material of the text, it is not particularly useful.