Stream processes with heterogeneous bed sediment



The AGU Erosion and Sedimentation Committee sponsored a daylong session on sediment transport in channels with mixtures of sediment sizes on December 13, 1985, at the AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco, Calif. The morning session contained an interesting set of related theoretical and empirical research on particle motion. Ned Andrews (U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Denver, Colo.) began the session by presenting empirical evidence for critical shear stresses required to move bed particles in simple natural channels. He presented work that he has been working on for the past several years (along with Gary Parker of St. Anthony Falls Hydraulic Laboratory, Minneapolis, Minn., and other colleagues) that suggests that coarse and fine bed particles have essentially equal mobility because of the hiding of fine particles by larger particles. Pat Wiberg and Jim Smith (both of University of Washington, Seattle) presented a theoretical analysis of the movement of different-sized particles that supported the work presented by Andrews.