From the outgoing SPR President



The first edition of the SPR News seems to be an appropriate place to present the state of the section from the retiring president's viewpoint and to indulge in a little crystal ball gazing concerning the future problems of the AGU Solar-Planetary Relationships (SPR) Section and of the complex of disciplines that the section represents. My 4 years as president-elect and president have been most enjoyable, and my interactions with the other section officers, with members of the section, and with AGU staff have been remarkably free of friction. I can assure my immediate successors and anyone who is asked in the future to become a candidate for this office that there is a great deal of satisfaction to be gained from the job , not the least of which comes from the knowledge that one is representing the most active and productive section of the Union. With only about 10% of the membership of the Union, the SPR Section has consistently contributed 20%–25% of the papers at both the AGU Spring and Fall meetings and has initiated and organized many more Chapman Conferences than any other section. Having noted those facts, however, we should not allow ourselves to become too complacent. Hard times may be coming, a point to which I shall return a little later.