STIP Symposium on Retrospective Analyses and Future Coordinated Intervals



The STIP (Study of Travelling Interplanetary Phenomena) Project of the Scientific Committee for Solar-Terrestrial Physics held its fifth international meeting in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, June 10–12, 1985. The STIP Project has as its objective the interdisciplinary, informal, and internationally cooperative study of specific solar and interplanetary events during all parts of the solar cycle. The purpose of this meeting was to bring together scientists from all areas of solar-terrestrial physics, both theoretical and experimental, to promote this coordinated study of coupling between the sun and the heliosphere and, in particular, to focus attention on 14 specific intervals of study and to outline scientific objectives for five future intervals. The meeting consisted of six successive sessions and an open business meeting. The program was arranged so that previously appointed coordinators could present invited half-hour summaries of the scientific highlights that characterized each of their Intervals. Contributed papers of 20-minute duration were interspersed among the chronological Interval presentations with 10–20 minute informal discussions following the speakers' presentations. There were 42 scientific papers presented at the meeting by 45 participants from 13 countries. The cosponsors of the conference, along with the Scientific Committee on Solar-Terrestrial Physics, were Committee for Space Research, International Astronomical Union, and International Union of Pure and Applied Physics. The papers presented at the Les Diablerets meeting will appear in STIP Symposium on Retrospective Analyses (M. A. Shea and D. F. Smart, Editors), a publication by the STIP Project, which is to be available in late 1986.