Direct measurements of the height of Ulugh Muztagh, reputedly the highest peak in the Kunlun, northern Tibet



By using a Magnavox Geoceiver to measure a base elevation of one temporary benchmark, a Cubic Precision Uniranger to measure distances between this and two other temporary benchmarks, and a Kern (Model T-2) theodolite to measure angles among these sites and peaks in the Ulugh Muztagh area, we measure the elevation of Ulugh Muztagh and three neighboring peaks. Our measured height of 6985 ±7 m (1 σ) is very different from the widely accepted value of 7723 m obtained by Littledale in 1895 but is similar to that of 6973 m listed on some Chinese maps. This revised elevation indicates that Ulugh Muztagh is not the highest mountain outside of the Himalaya-Karakorum chain and may not be the highest in the Kunlun chain.