To: the world from: spelled out re: name game


  • G. J. Wasserburg


This article corrects:

  1. Awards Volume 67, Issue 39, 736–738, Article first published online: 30 September 1986


How far will things go in the spellings of my name? I calculate ∼(26)N, where N is the number of characters arbitrarily assigned to my name. In the September 30, 1986, issue of Eos in which awards of the Union are announced, my name is misspelled both in the description of the Hess Medal and also as a recipient. AGU is to be congratulated for spelling it correctly on the medall AGU recently asked me to serve on its Nominations Committee, and in the letter of appointment and in the published list of committee members in Eos, my name is also misspelled. Claude Allegre and I have just received the 1986 Crafoord Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy.